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What Bird’s Eye View is About


Bird’s Eye View, a national bestseller, is the unforgettable story of an idealistic young woman who joins the air force when her town in Saskatchewan becomes a British Commonwealth Air Training Base during the Second World War.

She travels to England, where she trains as an aerial photographic interpreter. Working with hundreds of other intelligence officers at a converted mansion in England called RAF Medmenham, Rose Jolliffe spies on the enemy from the sky, watching the war unfold through her sterescope.

With her almost supernatural skills of detection, she solves several critical mysteries. Meanwhile, Rose is lonely and heartsick, far away from her beloved prairies. Her only connection to her past are the letters from family and friends on the home front.

Bird’s Eye View has wartime history, action, drama, mystery and romance. In June 2016 it was listed as one of the top ten Canadian fiction bestsellers in both The Globe & Mail and The Toronto Star newspapers.

(To read one thrilling chapter, click here: Bird’s Eye View Excerpt.)

To learn more about the inspiration behind my wartime novel, click: Frequently Asked Questions.

About RAF Medmenham

This mansion pictured above, and on the back cover of my novel, is located about an hour west of London, England. During the war it was requisitioned by the Royal Air Force, renamed RAF Medmenham, and used as the headquarters for aerial photographic interpretation. Today it is a luxury hotel called Danesfield House. It is the ideal setting for my novel. To learn more about this beautiful place, click here: Medmenham: Where the Magic Happened.

How to Purchase the Book

Bird’s Eye View is available through any bookstore as a paperback. It’s also available online as an e-book.

And it’s available as an audiobook, too!

To order any of these versions online: Bird’s Eye View.


Calling All Book Clubs

Book Clubs across Canada and the U.S. have discussed Bird’s Eye View. I would love to answer your questions via email, telephone, or Skype. For a list of discussion questions, click: Book Club Questions.


Wartime Wednesdays

While writing my wartime novel, I interviewed many veterans. My research into the Second World War resulted in more than 100 true stories that are published on my website, indexed by subject and title. To see the complete list, click here: Wartime Wednesdays.


My Favourite Veterans

In 2016, I released a printed non-fiction book, an anthology of my personal interviews with 28 Second World War veterans. It is only available from me. To read more about my new book, or to place an order, click here: My Favourite Veterans.



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